Gods, barbarians and gladiators - Interactive tour for kids

  • Duration of the tour: 3 Hours
  • Price: 250.00 (max 8 participants)
  • Languages: Ita, Eng
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The story of Julius is the method chosen to introduce history subjects such as the barbarian invasions, the use, in the Roman times, of roads and entertainment buildings, the construction of the walls, city gates and public buildings, and the ancient Roman religion.

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This interactive tour will tell the story of Julius, a boy who lived during the barbarian invasions and who had to flee from the country village where he had lived until then. Julius has just arrived in Verona with his family. He will see the Roman gate and reach the Arena, the impressive amphitheatre, to talk with the gladiators. Then he will go to the Forum, where he'll meet Diana, the goddess of the hunt, to finally reach the Adige River. From here he will admire the Stone Bridge and the Roman Theatre. But in the end, he will have to leave the city from the the "Lions" Gate.

The tour Includes: authorised tour guide, investigation kit, snack / aperitif.

When: On request, every day except Monday, at 5 pm

Duration: about 3 hours

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