Why is Tryverona different?

1 ) Because we have been a travel agency for more than 30 years: we were not "born on the web" but working daily face-to-face with customers and tourists.
In 2013 Tryverona has inherited and expanded the travel agent's activities and staff of Re Teodorico Viaggi, founded in 1983 by an already very active cultural association operating in Verona since 1975. This is why we can proudly say we were not "born on the web" as many others were in the recent times, but working daily face-to-face with customers and tourists for more than three decades.
With this long experience and with the collaboration of a highly professional staff, Tryverona continues the history of tourism in Verona from its very central headquarters in Via Pallone 16, just 5 minutes walk from the Arena: a convenient and well visible location, enhanced by the presence in house of “Box Office”, the most popular ticket office for events in Verona.

2) Because we believe in a responsible tourism: we exclusively collaborate with local certified tour guides, we involve small family-run businesses and we promote ourselves in a honest way
Italian laws recognizes tour guides and tour leaders as professions, and as such, it is required to pass public exams in order to get a license that guarantees professional knowledge of local history, art, traditions and foreign languages. Who is not in possession of these requirements is an illegal guide. However, recent legislative obligations, endorsed by big tourism companies, allow to bypass the Italian law by employing seasonal staff in guiding activities without any certification. We believe these loopholes damage the real professionals, their own customers and the general image of Italian tourism. When you book an excursion or a tour, make always sure the people you hire as guides are really in possession of these requirements and exhibit badges like those shown below. How many other companies present in popular search engines, like Tripadvisor, display these badges like we do? 




                        Tryverona also believes it's important to support local, possibly small or family-run businesses. Most of all Tryverona is absolutely against the unfortunately deeply-rooted tradition of giving "kickbacks" to hotels to promote its activity, which is based exclusively on public advertisement, approved by the local tourism authority.

3) Because small is beautiful: we're a small local business and we don't sell mass products, but high quality small-group or private activities.
In order to enforce the incoming sector, in 2011 the agency began working with "Veronaround", a brand that identifies a group of guides and tour leaders authorized by the Province of Verona, all sharing an education in tourism subjects and work experiences in the tourism sector, and having as common aim to make available to individual tourists and small groups their knowledge of "locals" to show, in addition to the classic sites, small businesses (agricultural, food and wine, handicraft...) off the beaten paths. Nowadays there are so many companies simply combining a transport service with a wine tasting, but...that is “entertainment”, and entertainment doesn't explain a country, and the importance of agriculture, agronomy, human work and traditions. 

4 ) Because we "inspire" others...
We were the first to propose food and wine tours with the formula of combining single tourists or couples into small group excursions; we were the first to make regular trips to Lake Garda from Verona; we were the first travel agency promoting the Great Wall of Verona; we were and are still the first to promote excursions to less known areas, such as the pasture uplands of Lessinia or the rice fields region, or arranging handicraft workshops. Many other companies in recent times were inspired by our ideas, but what makes us different is the guarantee of an authentic approach.

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